Why A Marketing Mentor?

You have ambitious goals for your company. You have well-deserved confidence that, with your team, you can make it all happen: You can build amazing products, achieve rapid growth and become a market leader.

In order to achieve those goals, your marketing team has to accomplish some pretty heroic tasks. In addition to creating marketing processes and lead flows that would make any sales leader rejoice, they have to answer the hard questions: “What is it, exactly, we do?” and “For whom do we do that?” And then turn that into a story your sales team — and everyone else in your company — can tell to the market to generate the excitement you know you deserve and the sales you know you can earn.

Your team is skilled, experienced and works hard. But there’s one more piece that can help them turn hard work into exceptional outcomes: the person who has “been there” and “done that.”

That person is Your Marketing Mentor ™. For more than three decades, I have led marketing teams, initiatives and projects delivering the most innovative and exceptional results for my employers and clients.

Now I want to add that expertise to your team. As Your Marketing Mentor, I bring my experience, applied to your specific situation, and work to build your capabilities, transfer knowledge and expertise and guide your team to success in reaching your goals.

Your team is ready to take on these heroic challenges and succeed. I stand ready to guide and support you in making that possible.