About Jeff

Jeff is passionate about helping ambitious businesses enhance value and accelerate growth by creating and scaling trust-based relationships with their customers.

Recognized for his expertise on growth strategy for more than 30 years, Jeff has guided rapidly growing businesses, including Cisco Systems, SAP and more than a dozen start-ups, produce exceptional, trust-based growth.

Rapid, scalable growth depends on customer trust. That trust is built by developing a clear understanding of your customer’s concerns and aspirations. Gaining that deeper knowledge of your customer lets you focus your product, people and processes on making and keeping the right promises and takes friction out of aggressive growth.

It’s time to get to the point where every single interaction with your customer delivers on the story you tell and the promises you make.

Jeff works with leaders to diagnose potential risks and understand opportunities for accelerating trust-based growth. Jeff works with teams to design focus, alignment and key metrics into their everyday work to ensure they deliver on the right promises to their customer — consistently.

And Jeff teaches leaders and their teams how to understand customers’ needs and aspirations, make and deliver on the right promises and scale trust-based relationships to create ambitious growth.