My mission is to make you and your team successful in reaching your goals. But every team and every company is different, has different people and seeks different goals. Therefore, the services I offer are highly customized to your specific needs and situation. We will jointly develop the set of needs I can support and the set of outcomes to which we will both commit before we begin work together.

I work with companies in three main areas:

Accelerating GrowthDeepening Customer TrustFocus and Alignment
Growth is often the most important objective for any ambitious company. While growth is challenging, developing market understanding and operational alignment lets you avoid the Chasms of Failure™ and accelerate your progress.Developing a "customer success culture" is more than just knowing who your biggest customers are. It means understanding why and how much each customer trusts you, and how to build that trust quickly to create more valuable customer relationships.Mis-alignment brings wasted time, energy and resources. Getting your teams working together smoothly means developing a deeper understanding of what you do and why, then translating that into responsibilities for every person on your team.

Here are some examples of areas in which I can help make you and your team successful:

Messaging that builds customer trust

The key to bigger deals, stronger relationships and improved retention is developing trust from your customers. Discarding simplified adages, such as “trust just takes time”, I use my proprietary and time-tested Concerns Map™ to teach you to understand your customers’ specific concerns and aspirations and how to make exactly the right promises that will quickly build trust between you and your customer.

Using that, we then create a storyline with tangible evidence that your entire team can use in any context

The goal of this process is to develop a story that every member of all your customer-facing teams can use to streamline their work and increase their success.

Focusing on a market segment

For an ambitious company, taking on a whole market is often beyond its capabilities. Focusing on one market segment or niche at a time makes success simpler and faster. I work with your teams to choose the market segment that deserves your focus, develop a deep understanding of the customers in that segment and then translate that into how every part of your company will support your focus.

The goal of this work is to instill a deep understanding of your customer across your organization and to streamline and accelerate your growth.

Building a trust-based portfolio

Congratulations! You’ve become a leader in your first (or second, or fourth) segment and you’re looking ahead to becoming a market leader. Your teams are executing well, but as you add new segments, you find you’re losing focus and once again wasting time and resources.

Building a market-domination strategy means becoming, in effect, a portfolio manager, with a portfolio of segments among which you allocate your resources. Building that strategy relies on having teams that know how to choose, enter and build a segment, and teams that know how to execute and dominate a segment.

The goal of this work is to develop expertise across your company to manage your segment portfolio, choose and build segments, and create the segment leadership that leads to your market domination.