Client Successes

I work with a wide range of clients to guide them to success with market, customer, revenue and retention challenges. Here are a few examples of companies I’ve had the privilege of supporting:

A Retail Operations SaaS Vendor

Developed and launched customer-value-focused accelerated growth strategy. Established product marketing capability, from market strategy and definition, to messaging and positioning, segmentation, personas, competitive analysis, sales enablement, product launch and pricing. Launched the first outbound prospecting programs, doubling success rates. Created supporting materials and company processes.

Outcome: Achievement of 120%+ of growth targets and 20% sales increase within two months.

A Public-Safety Systems Vendor

Developed and implemented methodology and measurement systems to demonstrate product value to customers. Created data analysis techniques to benchmark product usage performance. Results: Successful transition to managed service business and increased customer renewals.

Outcome: Renewals increased by 20%.

A Sales Automation Software Vendor

Developed analytic techniques for determining buying behavior of customers and optimal times to make sales offers. Defined and launched product for company’s customers based on this methodology. Results: Increased conversion rates and a new product line

Outcome: Revenue increase of 15%.